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Bansko Museums & House info


he town of Bansko has 6 museums open all year around . All with interesting and different things to see and do.


Nikola Vaptsarov Museum

3, Nikola Vaptsarov Square (centre of bansko)  

tel. +359 749 83 132; +359 749 88 304

The Museum House “Nikola Vaptsarov” is the first museum in Bansko and one of the first museums in the Pirin region. The museum is located in the center of Bansko, next to the central square and near the municipality.


The museum is dedicated to Nikola Vaptsarov who lived in the house where the museum is accommodated after 1912  Nikola was a anti-fascist poet, The museum expositions present an ethnographic collection for the poet’s life from his childhood to his death.

Adults: BGN 3,
Students: BGN 1
Guided tours:
in Bulgarian language – BGN 5,
in English language – BGN 10
Day for free visits: Monday

Iconic Exhibition

3, “Yane Sandanski” Str .; +359 749 88 273


The permanent iconic exhibition is one of the most interesting tourist sites in Bansko. It is located in the old part of town, near the church of St. Trinity and the monument of Paisii Hilendarski. The exhibition is housed in the oldest preserved building in Bansko, built in 1749.

The one-storey building is preserved in its authentic form. The building is declared a monument of culture of national importance

Velyanova House

Velyan Ognev St 5,

tel. +359 749 88 274


Beautifully painted walls, landscapes of Venice and Istanbul, an authentic Renaissance setting of the house – a wonderful illustration of the way of life. The planned and functional layout of the premises in the house is a role model, opened in 1977.


It was declared a cultural monument of national importance and is an example of the architectural style fortified house at the time of the Renaissance. The interior is typical of the era. Has a unique wood-carved ceilings and frescoes, by Velyan Ognev – representative of Debar School of Art.

Museum House of Neofit Rilski

Pirin street 17

The House Museum is located in close proximity to Sveta Troitsa Church in the center of Bansko. It’s open to visitors every day from 9 am – 12 pm and 2 pm – 5 pm. There are recordings in English, German and French for tourists.


Neofit Rilski was born in this house in 1793 to a family of merchants and diplomats, a notable Bansko family.


“Paisii Hilendarski” Historical Center

ul. “Otets Paisiy” 21

The center is Bansko’s newest museum open 9am – 12 then 13:00 till 17:30 with Sundays and mondays – closed.

In 2008, the memorial of Paisii Hilendarski opened in Bansko. The newly built building is at the site of the great Renaissance home.


Thus, the idea was made to make an exact copy of the cell in the Hilendar Monastery (Mount Athos, Greece), where Paisii wrote “Slavo-Bulgarian History” (1762), a manifesto and a first program of the Bulgarian revival. Reconstruction of the chapel “St. Ivan Rilski “where the modest monk and great Bulgarian communicated with God. Here the visitors can immerse themselves in the atmosphere in which the first Bulgarian Buddha lived

Monument of Paisii Hilendarski, Bansko

Ethnographic complex ‘Radonova House’

ul. “Aton” 3

open 9am – 12 then 13:00 till 17:30 Sundays and mondays – closed. The house owned by the rich family Hadzhivulchevi. It was the birthplace of the famous Bulgarian Hadzhi Kandit Dygaradin, a follower of Vassil Levski. The Radonova House is a cultural monument of local importance.


The exhibition in the house exposes many photos and documents that reflect the lifestyle and customs of local people.