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Mountain Guides in Bulgaria


he “Mountains and its People – Bulgarian Association of Mountain guides” is the leading non-government organization in training and legislation for mountain guides in Bulgaria.


The “Mountains and People – Bulgarian Association of Mountain guides” was founded on 12th of November 1997 as a non-profit organization by individuals and organizations, who share professional and hobby interests for the nature in the mountains.

The aim of the association is to help and encourage the development of sustainable, eco-tourism and outdoor activities in the mountain regions of Bulgaria. It also aims to increase the ecological behavior, boosts the creation and improvement of basic infrastructure, landmarks and equipment in the mountains and climbing areas in Bulgaria, aiming safety.


The “Mountains and People – Bulgarian Association of Mountain guides” cooperates with institutions, other non-government organizations and the responsible business in tourism, whose aim is the nature conservation, sustainable development of rural and mountain regions.

At the moment in Bulgaria there is no professional organization of mountain leaders – a real syndicate. Of all the unions of mountain leaders the “Mountains and People – Bulgarian Association of Mountain Leaders” has played the most significant role in Bulgarian legislation for implementing the profession of mountain leaders and for establishing the guidelines of mountain leaders education.

A full List of the current members and contact details are below.

What are the advantages of being a member?  


Become part of the community of mountain guides in Bulgaria and get the opportunity to participate actively in the activities of the association;
As a member of APH have the opportunity to join UIMLA – the organization that brings together leaders mountain in the world.

You get a discount for participating in organized our events;
You get the opportunity to rent equipment, which has APH (avalanche, Alpine and snowshoes) at preferential prices;
Opportunity to take advantage of the discounts offered to members of APH and UIMLA in shops, accommodations, etc. – In Bulgaria and abroad.

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