Useful phrases in Bulgarian


Useful Phrases in Bulgarian

Good Morning
Dobro utro!

Good afternoon
Dobar den!

Good evening
Dobar vecher!

Thank you?

Do you speak English, German, French?                  
Govorrite lee anglyiski, Nemski, Frenski

Could you please call a taxi for me?
Molya, povikayte taxi!

Call an ambulance!
Povikayte leeneyka!

My Name is …….
Kazvam se……

Have you got….
Eemate lee…….

Tea Please
Cheren chay molya


Could I have the menu please
Menuto ako obichate

I am a vegetarian
Az sam veghetaryanets

Please bring me/us…..
Molya donesseteh mee /nee

The bill please

Is there a non-smoking section?
Eema lee zalah za neh pooshatchi

I don’t understand.
Neh razbeeram

Compliments to the chef!
Compleementee nah gotvachah

Could I have a cup of coffee with hot milk
Cahfeh sas goreshto mlyako molya

Tea with hot milk
Chay s goreshtoh mlyako molya